Product Review: L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask In Gel

Hello beautiful people!

How are you doing lately?
I noticed a lot of people are getting sick lately
So please do take care of yourselves and drink more water to re-hydrate your body!

Coincidentally today’s review will be about hydration!

So without further ado

Today’s review will be about..

L’Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Hydration + Antiox Active MAsk in Water Gel!

Enriched with Fresh Grape Polyphenols, Double HA and French Vosges Spa Water
This promises to hydrate your skin by using it as a moisturizer!

Despite the name having the “mask” word, this is indeed a moisturizer instead of a mask
A bit confusing lor..

confused animated GIF

Don’t you think so?
Just don’t let the name fool you

This is how the jar looks like
I love the packaging because of its unique color
Love its pinkish metallic finish

The back of the jar

The ingredients list for those who are concerned about it

Key ingredients:

Glycerin, Alcohol, Dimethicone

What I’m concerned is that it did not state what type of alcohol they used
Please do test it out in stores on the inside of your elbow before buying this

The gel is protected by a cover that keeps things from going in to the product

This is how the gel looks like

It is a whitish gel that smells heavily of fragrance
What type of fragrance that I am not able to pinpoint

But it is not something that I find offending to my nose
For those with sensitive noses please take note

This is how the gel looks like

The consistency is watery and when spread out is easily absorbed into the skin
The gel absorbs and dries down to a natural finish

Now how does it do what it claims?
Which is hydrating the skin

I feel that this gel does hydrate my skin wonderfully

water animated GIF

It does not make me oily throughout the day
I do not feel it sitting on skin throughout the day due to it light consistency
I suspect that it may have a little bit of oil control

All over I think that this product is suited for all skin types regardless of how oily or how dry your are
As for other areas that you’re dry
Please look elsewhere for another product



A solid moisturizer for those who are looking to hydrate your skin throughout the day. Do test it out in stores before buying to avoid having an allergic reaction to it.

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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