Product Review: Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Hi guys!
How is my lovely cupcakes doing?

I am feeling liberated because I finished my internship!

There will be a rant at the end of the post
So be warned

Today I bring to you another moisturizer review!
There isn’t much on the net on this product
That usually is an alarm blaring warning to me that this product cannot be trusted
I did try it out anyway
Because I’m that awesome

I bring to you…

Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Which looks like this:

I take this moisturizer to the gym because it is small and easy to carry around and I can use it after my shower in the gym

Nothing fancy on the packaging
Just plain and simple
It contains SPF 20 but does not specify the amount of protection it gives

This is the back with the list of ingredients

Its great that they provide a cap for the pump
Very smart move

This is how the pump looks like

This is one full pump of the moisturizer
It is a light orange lotion that is light in texture

This is how it is slightly blended
It feels slightly oily

It smells sort of like paint
(Double alert)

This is how it looks like fully blended
It does not leave a white cast

It feels cooling on the skin
Which is very nice

Although it feels oily while blending it into the skin
It gives the skin a very nice and smooth feel but does not leave an oily film behind

One thing about this product
After a week of using this
I did notice my skin looking better and better
I suspect this is the one that is helping my skin to recover
Will follow up for about 2 months to fully test it out

I bought this at my local pharmacy
Can’t remember the price though
But I would imagine that it is around the RM40 range


I think this is a good moisturizer. Nothing much to shout about except the ingredients that are used for it aren’t much. Which is good! Do suggest to try out a sample of this to see whether you like this or not



I finished my intership(finally)
I must say that I hated working there
The people like to gossip and I work in a conditions that are really bad
Plus one of the people there go around using swearwords around the office (very unprofessional!)
I get sick a lot there
Plus there are so many hypocrites there
Thank god that I am not working there anymore
It is definitely not a good place to work in!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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