Product Review: Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder SPF 20 UVB/UVA

Salutations my good people!
How are you doing on this fine day?
For me its less tedious because I submitted my assignments but that means that I will be facing my exams soon
So do expect a temporary hiatus from me
The joys of learning eh?

Today I will be bringing a powder foundation review for you
It’s from one of the brands that I used to work for

Its the..

Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder with SPF 20 UVA/UVB

Oil free powder makeup that offers custom coverage depending on how you use it
Wet or dry whichever you like it to be
Lightweight texture without going into fine lines and stays fresh all day

Something to be excited about eh?
Let’s see how it goes shall we?

Sheer to medium coverage = use it dry
Medium to full coverage = apply with wet sponge

Ingredients list is stated above
I see there is talc and mica as there first two ingredients, there is also corn starch and dimethicone
Those who are allergic to these ingredients please stay away from this product

For the sun protection, they use a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

Obviously I got mine in the fairest shade which is number 1

It retails at RM159 at all Laura Mercier counters

This is how the top of the compact looks like
Yes for those who don’t know
Powder foundations do come in compacts

The back of the compact
It contains 9.2g of product

This is how the opened compact looks like

Close up on the powder foundation

Beneath the powder foundation there is another compartment where it contains the sponge that is given for you to apply the foundation
I don’t usually use the sponge except when I’m travelling

Swatch of the powder foundation
The texture is soft and smooth to the touch

Usually I use the Ecotools Bamboo Buffing Brush to apply the foundation
Which you can find a review here

This is my bare face without the foundation
Yes yes I know…

Most of you are going like this now

Without foundation

Applying the foundation with the brush

After one layer of foundation
Acne scarring is toned down, skin tone is evened out
Pores are covered a little

Two layers of foundation in areas where coverage is needed
The key is to press the foundation into the skin

Sprayed a little bit of setting spray to normalize the look of the skin

You can also use this to set your liquid foundation if you are looking for more coverage

This is how my face looks like after applying the foundation

I do not apply powder foundations wet simply because I find it pointless
The oil control for me was about 3 hours before I start to get oily on my t-zone
By the 5 hour mark my face starts to oil up and I need to blot and powder

I did not experience any flaking or shifting from this foundation
I did not use any primer with this foundation but only with my usual moisturizer and sunblock even though the foundation comes with sun protection

It is a decent foundation for those who want to try it but I think that there are other foundations out there that are cheaper and can perform better.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • Hi, your skin is okay. I didn’t burst out at all and well you are brave to show it at least. Mine was way worse and no amount of makeup can cover it. Anyway, Laura Mercier is good for their foundation i think. Have you tried any cc cushion cream before?

    • CC cushion cream I haven’t tried before but CC creams I have.
      I will have a review coming up soon on the Holika Holika CC Cream
      One of my favourites =)

  • Looking forward to your Holika2 CC Cream review! 😀
    Btw, your skin is still considered okay. My bro had bad acne-scarred skin too, but it got much better after he used Biotherm products. Maybe you can try it (if you’re not already using a specific brand routine) 🙂

  • luv laura mercier products but it too expensive lol

  • Hi Yosomolo, thanks for a very detailed review. However, i feel it’s strange that your compact powder contains SPF, as i look at they didnt explain if theirs contain SPF. Thankyou.

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