Product Review: Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++

Hi Everyone!
Today will be a sunscreen review!

Most of you know this brand because its quite famous
Its the…
Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF50 PA+++
Which is another product with a freaking long name
I think the more new products come out, the longer the name they have

So without further achoo
Here are the pictures!

The product comes in a small lil’ tube
It can fit in the palm of your hand
But I have one question for Kielhs
See the number right at the bottom there?
Why only 30ml!?

For the price I pay I expect more amount of product lor..

The back of the tube shows a bunch of different languages on how to use the sunscreen where only one line is English

The dispenser is actually very nice
You squeeze the product out of the tube and that’s it!

The product is a white lotion
As usual with all sunscreens

Have you ever thought sunscreen could be red or blue in colour?
I wonder what the colour correction effects would be like

The sunscreen spreads VERY easily!
Like seriously
A small amount goes a damn long way
Better than butter!
I just had a shiver down my spine saying that
Paula Deen would kill me if she heard that

It smells like the normal sunscreen
That’s all I can say

The skin on the back of my hand looks fairer than the rest of my skin

One warning about this is that it flashes back in photos
Be careful when using this and you know you’re taking pictures during the day

This is my face without the suncreen

While applying suncreen
Couldn’t resist doing that face

After the suncreen

Overall thoughts:

Generally I like the product, but with the price tag and the amount that they give. I would not be planning to purchase it again. It isn’t life changing but it does the job very well

Smell 2/5
Blendability 5/5
Texture 5/5

Who would I recommend it for?
Recommend this for fairer skin as this may wash darker skin out

That’s all for today

Sorry for the late update, my internet is being a b*tch

Evan Chang


  • Hi Evan,

    Thanks for your review. I think you apply too much sunscreen on your face, usually a pea size should be enough for your whole face.
    Also, I think you spelled the brand’s name wrongly. It’s kiehl’s, instead of kielh’s.

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