Product Review: It’s Skin Pore Tightner Toner

Hello my lovely daisies!

Today I bring to you a toner review
(Cue shocked audience noise)
I have been using a toner instead of the HadaLabo lotion
(Cue another shocked audience)

I bring to you..

It’s Skin Pore Tightner Toner

Yes you read that right
Tightner NOT Tightener

This is how it looks like:

It promised to minimize the appearance of pores and give you ceramic skin!

Korean back label!

I want to draw your attention to the one line there where is says this toner can solve your total skin problems!

So does it?



This is the cap of the bottle

The opening of the product

Because its a toner
Obviously its very watery

It feels very cooling on the skin
I don’t think there is any alcohol in it

So what do I think about this toner?

I think that its a decent one, not life changing but it does the job well. It does shrink my pores for a while but after 15 minutes my pores become bigger again.
So not so much on that


Its a generic toner, nothing really life changing or wows me but definitely does the job right. A solid toner.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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