Product Review: Holika Holika Whitening Super Aqua Cream

Hello hello my peeps!
Sorry for not blogging as usual but you know that’s life!
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Today I’m bringing to you another moisturiser review!
Yes I know I have a lot of moisturisers
So don’t judge me!

Its the…

Holika Holika Super Aqua Cream


Well what can one say about this cream?

Here is the ingredients list for those who want to know
It is a very loooooong list of ingredients
But I see ingredients such as alcohol, glycerin, dimethicone and niacinamide

The tub looks like this
Yes its very big I know

Whitening Super Aqua Cream makes your skin light and moisturising all the day without the necessity of recognising the dryness
Korean english
*clap clap*

I guess they meant that it helps to whiten and moisturise your skin the whole day

The tub contains a whopping 300ml of product!!
You will never finish this cream if you only use this on your face only!
And yes people you can use this on your body as well
Maybe whiten that certain part eh?

If you know what I mean

The product comes with a spatula for you to scoop out the product
Very hygienic for those who are really anal about it

The cream itself is a white cream with a bluish tint
There is a light fragrance to it but nothing to heavy
Those with sensitive noses may find it too strong of a fragrance
I suggest you go down to the nearest Holika Holika store and take a great sniff at it

Maybe you will feel like this eh?

Here is a how the cream looks like on the back of my hand
The texture is more of a gel cream rather than a cream cream
(If that is even a word)

This is how the cream looks like when its blended out
It absorbs easily into the skin and leaves behind very moisturised skin
I am not kidding when I say moisturised
You really feel like your skin has drank 3 cups of water

Did I notice that my skin has whiten when using this product?
Actually its very hard to say for me because I’m already quite fair so its not really apparent for me
But I do notice that my skin is more luminous and looks brighter when I use this
So that is really good news!

One thing I don’t like about the cream is that it doesn’t contain any SPF
They could have two versions of the product
One with SPF and one without SPF
I think that would be awesome
Don’t you?

The cream does not break me out

Overall I think that this is a good moisturiser for those both oily and dry skin people. The fragrance may be too strong for some so watch out for that. Shame that it doesn’t have SPF though

I got this at Holika Holika for RM 110


That’s all for today

Evan Chang


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