Product Review: Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Super Cream

Hello my lovely people!
How are you doing on this fine day!

Yes I don’t know why am I getting so lazy in blogging lately
If anyone has a remedy to it please let me know and I will banish my laziness like the plague it is!
Begone Laziness!

Now today I am going to review for you one of my favourite products
Which can be considered Holy Grail for me!

It is the…

Holika Holika Super Cera Super Ceramide Super Cream!

Now what can I say about this cream except that it is absolutely fabulous?
Of course it can be said as FANTABULOUS!
Of course Holika Holika is my favourite Korean skincare brand
But the only way for you to find out whether you like it or not is only to try!

It boasts that it has no 10 of the most known additives, it is cruelty free and its suitable for sensitive skin!
Which means most of us can use it except for those who have an allergic reaction of course!
Cruelty free is always good in my book and I hope most of my readers think so too

I can’t read the Korean here but I know that it contains 60ml of products which is 10ml more than the usual 50ml of moisturiser on the market!
Value for money people!

This thing is priced at RM109 if I am not mistaken

It claims to be an ultra moisturising ceramide cream that maintain moisture in skin for 72 hours
I can attest to this because my skin just loves it
My skin has been going through a rough patch lately as it broke out in pimples and acne when I come back from Australia
It must be the air here really
I found out this cream right here has helped to calm and moisturise my skin therefore making it heal faster and keeping it soft

This is how the tub of cream looks like
It gives of a feel of something fancy
The packaging for me is great!

Made in Korea

As you twist of the cap you will see something that protects the cream
Good job Holika Holika
It is to keep things out from the cream

This is how the cream in the tub looks like
The smell is kind of lavender and its very soothing to the senses
I have no problems with the smell whatsoever

So how do you know that I love the cream?
Look how much I used it
I use it every night before I sleep and I will always wake up to soft and supple and moisturised skin

Yes it does really

This is how the cream looks like on my hand
It just a fairly thick cream that is whitish in color

This is how the cream looks like when slightly spread out
It spreads out easily enough but because its so think you would encounter a slight tug on the skin because of its thick texture

This is how the cream looks like fully spread out
You can see that the skin looks supple and moisturise
It does have a dewy finish due to its thicker texture but it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly

This is how the cream looks like after fully absorbed
As you can see my skin isn’t really matte but it just looks healthy

As for those who are afraid of flash backs when using this cream while taking pictures

No flashback at all because it doesn’t contain any SPF ingredients in it

I highly recommend this cream seriously
If you have dry and dehydrated skin just go buy
Trust me
If you have oily skin
Of course you can use it!
But please only use it at night unless you want to look like a grease ball after some time

You wanna know how much I love this cream?

This is how much I love it!
Nuff’ said

For those who want to see the advertisement
Here you go:

I recommend this cream for everyone who wants to look for a moisturising cream that can be used at night or in the day. Then please just go and buy this.Seriously.


That’s all for today

Evan Chang


  • I have a sample in my hands now and I’m trying to find the ingredient list. You have 4 sides photographed and still no list! Rah, gah, damnit.

    I see you like it and I’m hopeful, but I have a rule of saving myself the misery and just confirming the ingredients are definitely suitable for sensitive, breakout prone skin.

    Thanks for the review anyway!
    If I get a hold of the list, I’ll definitely keep this in mind

  • Found it, in Korean. A quick translation says Coconut oil, which has a comedogenic factor of 4 out of 5.

    Can you confirm the coconut oil please?

    • The product itself does not smell of coconut oil and it does not clog my pores.

      I think it is very subjective to skin types

      Hope that helps

  • Hey! Do you think this cream might have pore clogging possibilities? Ceramides give me a huge skincare boner but I have oily combo dehydrated and acne prone skin and I have all the clogs…sigh. Let me know! <3

    • Hi there! So far in my experience I have not had any pore clogging problems from it! I suggest to get a tester first and see how it goes for you?

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