Product Review: Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ Review

A BB cream with Acne Fighting Ingredients?!

Hey everyone!
I’m back with another BB cream review
Since I’m a guy
I only review face make up products and skin care products
So don’t expect me to review eye make up yeah (except eyeliner because I use it sometimes)
Here is how the product looks like:
You can see it comes in a very portable packaging
The packaging is 12cm in height and 3cm in length
Which means it is quite easy to carry it around!
The amount you get is 30ml
Which is a normal amount for a BB cream!
It dispenses the product with a squeeze tube
But you have to be careful of squeezing too much!
It retails at about RM30++ (not sure)
Which is very affordable!
This is how the BB cream looks like:
A yellowish beigey tinge which comes out natural
This is how it looks like blended

Just like their BB cream for men
It looks quite natural when blended out
It does have a faint scent but it dissipates when you blend it out
It smells kinda floral and does not smell like tea tree oil
Colour wise it will oxidise to your skin when you leave it for about a minute
It offers medium to full coverage also!

This is me after applying the BB cream:
It does looks a bit lighter than my skin because I’m a bit tanner now
Just set it with a bit of powder and it will last the whole day
The finish of the BB cream is MATTE!
Yes you read it right
Hallelujah for those fair and oily skin peeps out there!
It does control oil for about 6 hours
Which is really good for a BB cream!
Oh and it did not made me break out
So for those who says BB cream blocks your pores
As long as you take it off properly and don’t sleep in it
You should be fine!
So overall:
Scent 4/5
Colour 4/5
Packaging 3/5
Blendability 4/5
Coverage: Medium to Full
This BB cream is good for fair oily skinned people and it offers a SPF of 30PA++
However it is a bit hard to blend and the smell may not appeal to some
Overall it is a good product if you’re looking for a medium to full coverage BB cream
Evan Chang

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