Product Review: Guardian Bye Bye “Panda Eyes” Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask

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I’ve been away for a long time and it really has been a dream boat of a ride
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I needed that time off so bad
My orgasm wasn’t on track and I had to travel around the world to find it again

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Today’s review will be on the…

Guardian Bye Bye “Panda Eyes” Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask!

Now I would like to say that I did not have much fate with Guardian’s products

But this eye mask surprisingly wow-ed me!

I don’t have a very good experience with eye masks mind you
I tried one from another brand and it BURNED!

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Something like this!

This mask proved to be a winner in my books because not only did it moisturized my under eyes but also help to brighten them!

Developed with Cocoa and Camellia extract and also Sodium Hyaluronate and Olive oil

This claims to give a charming glow

Charming would be a bit too far fetched…

Because let’s face it

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We all want to look FABULOOOUUUUSSS!!!

The ingredients also include:
Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Arginine, Niacinamide( An ingredient very common in brightening products) and Trehalose!

The eye mask is made of soft cotton material that soaks up the serum and when you put on your face
Your under eyes will soak it up like the thirsty hippo it is!

Look at those Gucci bags!

From my experience with this
The results are moisturized under eyes with a slight brighten to the area

It wasn’t very obvious result of brightening but I did notice a slight difference in the tone of my under eyes
My theory is that because it become more moisturized, the skin became brighter!

A good product for those who are looking for a moisturizing yet gentle eye mask. Do take note whether are you allergic to any of the ingredients in it!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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