Product Review: Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo

Hey there my lovely buttercookies
Cause CNY is coming!

Today I am going to review for you guys a facial foam!
and best of all
It comes in a can!

Before I start with the review
Let me just say that I do like this product
But it has one major flaw
But we’ll get to that later

The product that I am talking about is the…
Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo!

It looks like this:

The product comes in a pressurized can that is very unhappy if it is around heat and fire
Should the can come into contact with those two, it will be very angry an explode out with anger

The can itself is a light silver bronze with a peach colored cap

This is the back of the can
Which all of the writing is in Japanese
Some one who can translate please do let me know what it is

This is how the nozzle looks like
Does anyone else feel like the word nozzle feels kinda funny?

First you shake up the can until its about the climax
The you press on the head and out comes the cum foam

The foam smells like citrus!
Its easy to spread and feels tingly on the skin
You just need about the size of your fist

I use this in the morning because I don’t feel that it is good in cleansing the skin from makeup
As a morning cleanser
It does a great job of waking you up with that citrus scent and cleanses away the oils that builds up when you’re asleep

Now for the major flaw:
This finishes up VERY QUICKLY
Because it comes in a pressurized can
You can easily overly press the nozzle and too much product comes out
But if you pay attention
You’ll won’t go far from the pin point


I do like this product but I think that it finishes up too quickly
However, I will repurchase this again because I really do like this product

Freshel product can be bought from these locations for RM48+-

P.S. I really want to try their BB cream range because I admit I am  a BB cream fanatic

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

This is for the Freshel Contest

One of the creative ways that I use to save time in my daily life is to use product that have multiple benefits in one. The best example would be BB cream, because let’s face it, who has time in this current world!

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