Product Review: Dr.Douxi Crystal Mineral Mud Mask

Hi guise!
How you’ve been?

Today I’m bringing to you a mask that I bought from Hermo!

Its the…

Dr.Douxi Crystal Mineral Mud Mask!

It promises clean, moisture, whiten, oil control, soothe irritation

The back of the tub

Product comes in a tub that is packaged with a spatula
Very nice of them to include the spatula

The mask is a khaki green cream

A clearer view of the product

This is my face before applying the mask
I have a lot of acne and scars on my face
This is without makeup by the way
Yes I am that fair

A close up on my face
The acne is situated on the forehead, chin and cheeks

My T-zone is quite clear

This is how the mask looks like on the face

It feels nice and cool on the face
I do see why they call it crystal mud

The mask has a fragrance to it
I can’t really describe the scent
It’s very florally

Just a bit of camwhoring

At this point I can feel the mask drying up around my face

This is the effect after the mask

The acne is less red and inflamed my scars seems to have lighten a smidgen
My skin tone is more evened out as well

Word of warning using this mask
The mask is very hard to wash off
I have to scrub my skin quite vigorously to get all of it off

So let’s see..
Does it clean?
Just a little bit
Does it moisturize your skin?
Does it whiten your skin?
A smidgen only
Does it control oil?
Yes, my face feels tight after the mask
Does it soothe irritations?

This item can be bought at Hermo for around RM90+

This is a normal product for me. It’s the same with all clay and cleansing mask to me. If you’re looking for a mask that has a bang for your buck, do check this out and let me know your thoughts!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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