“Product Review: Crabtree&Evelyn Hand Care Collection Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy” (GOOD GAWD THATS AN AWFULLY LONG NAME!)

My lovely people!
How are feeling on this fine day?

For me
I’m sick
So explain to me how fine it is for me

Today will be a hand cream review
I don’t usually use hand creams but I have this with me for a long time now and I think I have enough experience to review this for you guys

The hand cream will be the…
Crabtree&Evelyn Hand Care Collection Ultra Moisturising Hand Therapy
And as the title suggests
It is a godforsakenly long name

So without further ado
Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure:

It comes in a light purple tube and it scent is from the Iris flower
I got this from one of the beauty box subscriptions but sadly it is discontinued now…
I love how this smells
I feel I’m surrounded by flowers when I smell this
Its a relaxing scent

This is how the back of the tube looks like

The hand cream is a white colored cream that is light in texture
It absorbs right in when you rub in to your hands and leaves a hint of the scent behind
I don’t usually have dry hands but I do find his hand cream a nice treat when my hands start to feel a bit like the┬áSahara┬ádesert

I do like this hand cream and I don’t see myself using it up quickly because I don’t usually use them
But still
Its still a nice treat for your hands for those dry days

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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