Product Review: Covo Cosmetics HD Picturesque BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

Hi guys!
Ready for a BB cream review?
I sure am!

Today will be a BB cream from a newly launched brand that just started about a month ago
Its the…

Covo Cosmetics HD Picturesque BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

I have found another BB cream that performs exceptionally!

So without further ado
Here are the pictures!

 A BB cream that has SPF50PA+++
Full protection!
You will have an anti-UVA/UVB condom over your face and neck!

From the picture above
This BB cream promises 12 benefits which includes:

Oil Control
Skin Brightening
Reduce visible pores

To name a few

It comes in a black squeeze tube that houses 30ml of product
Standard size for a foundation but not a BB cream

The back is empty
Isn’t it sexy?

This is the opening of the squeeze tube
The hole is not too big or small
(That sounds wrong right?)
Enabling ease of use without squeezing out too much of product

The BB cream is a yellow toned cream(REJOICE!)
It has a very creamy consistency
Between a gel and a cream

This is where the product is slightly swatch
It is very easy to blend and a little goes a long way
Very easy to spread

This is where it is fully blended into the skin
It oxidised quickly into my skintone
A very good match for my skin!

The BB cream smells like baby lotion
Not too strong but its definitely there

Because of the high amount of SPF in the BB cream
It is definitely not flash friendly!
From the photo you can see an obvious white cast on the skin
You don’t want to see the flash photo of my face
I looked like I was dead for 3 days

This picture shows the amount of coverage this BB cream gives
You only need a pea sized amount
Rub your fingers together and pat it into your skin
It gives about medium to barely full coverage
Evening out my skintone and concealing minor blemishes

The finish is a natural matte that doesn’t make your skin look flat/one dimensional

I do set this BB cream with my HG setting powder
Elianto Natural Mineral Loose Powder

This is the BB cream after 4 hours into wearing it
Just only a hint of dewiness on my nose
Which is very good considering that my skin is an oil slick

 This is the BB cream after 7 hours of wearing

My blemishes are still covered and my skintone is still even
The only part of my face that is oily is my T-zone

I have been using this for about two weeks and I do not have any reactions towards it

Covo Cosmetics HD Picturesque BB Cream can be bought at all Covo shops situated in Sunway Pyramid and One Utama (at the time of writing)
Currently there is a promotion for the BB cream with an introductory price of RM59
So do go and check it out!


Needless to say this is definitely a HG item for me! Definitely recommend it to all the normal and oily skin peeps out there! However I think that dry skin peeps should look for a more hydrating BB cream as this may cling to your dry spots. But I would definitely buy this again once I run out of this!


That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

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