Product Review: COVO Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette! Luxe for Less?

Having an awesome day my people?
I know I did!
Finished an awesome Zumba party with a lot of people and having the time of my life
I couldn’t be more proud!

Today we shall be talking about eyeshadows
Particularly palettes if you mind

Its the..

COVO Cosmetics Timeless Eyeshadow Palette!
Now there’s a freaking long name if I ever saw one!

The COVO Timeless Eyeshadow Palette is a collection of 14 versatile and timeless shades hand-picked by COVO Makeup Professionals to flatter any woman and almost any occasion. This gorgeous palette features matte, shimmer and glitter textures that blend effortlessly, keeping the colour fresh all day long. The highly pigmented eyeshadow are enriched with Vitamin E and nourishing active ingredients that improves the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. A timeless collection for the timeless beauty in you.

So flowery ar the English

Apply a light or medium toned shadow at the inner corner of your eyelid. Use a darker shade to emphasize the crease or outer corner of your eyelid. Highlight your brow bone by applying a pale shade. Blend shades well. Use any single colour for a natural look.

This is only the recommended way of applying by the way. You wanna put the darker colour in the inner corner? Go right ahead!

I got this for RM145 but you can get a discount if you have the VOIR card which gives you a 20% discount if I’m not mistaken. Which equates to RM116.

The first palette that I bought was called Vibrant

It contains colourful eyeshadows and oddly a brown one right at the end there.
All of the colours are shimmer except for the yellow which is matte (another odd thing)

One thing I don’t like about this palette is that they didn’t name the colours

The second palette was name True Nude

This palette features neutral eyeshadows that are very suitable for those who are working or just venturing into makeup
The palette remind me of the Naked 1 palette actually
Like the previous palette, this palette contains mostly shimmer shades except for the pale light yellow brown and the black (which is a very good thing!)

This is the comparison between the two palettes
I still don’t know why the brown is in the colourful palette

This is the swatch of all the eyeshadows
Most of the colours are pigmented and easy to blend
They feel creamy to the touch and have no scent to it
So for those who are sensitive to scents, this would appeal to you!

So you must be wondering how does it look like on the eyes?
Well here you go

I used the pale yellow on the lid, the light grey on the inner corner, the red on the outer corner and blend upwards and outward and finally the pale yellow under my brows

A good eyeshadow palette for both beginners and pros, pigmented colours and easy to blend. Recommend this to everyone!


That’s all for today

By the way
What do you guys think about my new hair?
I love it!

Evan Chang

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