Product Review: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 PA++

Hello my moist chocolate puddings

Actually have you guys really think about the word “Moist”?
It kinda makes me shiver when I really think about it

So always keep calm and keep moist

Now onto today’s post
It is a day time moisturizer that has a SPF of 15 with a PA of ++

It is the..

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer of SPF 15 PA++

Light and non-greasy

Yes I can confirm this on my superbly oily skin
But this moisturizer does not have any oil controlling properties

This is the ingredients list

This is how the moisturizer looks like
It has the typical white color of most moisturizers and has a thick consistency to it
The scent is like most sunscreen scents and does not linger on the skin

This is how it looks like after its blended out
There is a slight white cast on the skin but it fades out quickly after it absorbs into the skin
It doesn’t absorb as quickly as other moisturizers but it isn’t slow either

This moisturizer can be bought at all major pharmacies all across Malaysia such as Guardian, Watson and Caring.

I think this is a good moisturizer for those who are looking for a bit of sun protection while keep moisture into your skin. Dryer skin may like this as well and oily skins will find it not oily.


Evan Chang

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