Product Review: Benefit Erase Paste

Hi everyone!

Hope ya’ll having a good day today
I know I’m having one!

Having a cup of coffee while writing a review
Now this is bliss
I do miss having more time for myself
Don’t you?

Today’s review will be about the…

Benefit Erase Paste!

Now we all know about this raved product by lots of Youtubers, Bloggers and people around the world
But I myself have never used it!

taylor swift animated GIF
It is!

Tay tay judges me even now

Conceal and brighten your face in one easy step
If that’s really true I shouldn’t be putting anything else on my face besides this!

So I got this in the Shade 1 Fair
Because they only have 3 shades and that is not good marketing Benefit
Bring out more shades
Be like Bobby Brown!

Only fair to medium skin people can use your products!?

reaction animated GIF

I am judging your right here

They claimed that its good for dark circles, imperfections and discolouration on your face
Just put it anywhere you want to brighten and bring out on your face

But one thing about the instructions
How do you apply delicately products on your face?

disney animated GIF

Like this?

dance animated GIF

Or like this?

Either way
Please be gentle to your face
We depend on our face to make money okay!

It claimes to be a concentrated, creamy and blendable concealer for instant brightening

I can think of something else that is concentrated and creamy
I’m talking about moisturiser!

Ya dirty bastards

Signs of stress and fatigue are a thing of the past with this innovative formula

How innovative is it?
Does it cook your meals while you’re applying this?

Ingredients are as above

So it comes with lessons!





You guys just read it and see if applies to you


So this is how the container looks like
Quite cute and girly packaging

Benefit’s take on packaging does sometimes amazes me because they can blend cute and retro together quite beautifully

So as spoken I bought the 1st shade which was fair

The glass container comes with a cover to help keep things out from the brightener and keep in hygienic

This is how the brightener and concealer looks like
It is a light pink salmon shade that is very well suited to even out dark blue circles under the eyes and brighten the area

A swatch of the Erase Paste
As mentioned before the shade is a pink salmon shade
For more reference you can look at a color wheel

Which is include here

This is me before applying Erase Paste

Notice the darkness under my eyes

Dot the brightener under the eyes as follow

This is a comparison between my eyes
The left side is with Erase Paste and the right is without

Both side blended out with Erase Paste

My eyes look brighter and less tired
As you can see from the picture above
Note that this is without concealer and my dark circles have almost disappeared!


A very good brightener suitable for people with heavy dark circles. Pair it with a good concealer and you’re set to be FABULOUS!

snl animated GIF

That’s all for today



Evan Chang

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