Product Review: Alken Professional Silk Revival Shampoo and I cut my hair!

HI everyone!
Today I’m straying from the beaten path and review a shampoo!

It’s the
Alken Professional Silk Revival Shampoo!

So without further ado

Imagine how long it took me to finish this huge thing


It smells like the typical shampoo
A sort of floral smell that’s very relaxing and rejuvenating

Good pump!

The product is like a normal lotion texture
Its silvery white in colour
Like something very naughty


It says 24 hour moisture system
But in my opinion
It doesn’t live up to its claim
I don’t feel as if it retains moisture into my hair

It foams up really nicely
But oddly sometimes it doesn’t
So there a bit of a problem there

Well I have to admit that I’m liking this product
However I do not consider this as a HG product
I’m still finding a life changing product that will help make my hair softer and more hydrated

This is my second bottle
But I changed my shampoo now and I think its better than this
Will keep you guys updated on it

So conclusion:

Smell 4/5
Packaging 4/5
Texture 3/5
Foam 3/5

Would I recommend it?
Obviously there are better shampoos out there but I haven’t found it yet. But if you are curious about this product then why not?

The product can be found in shops that sell professional hair supplies and costs about RM100+ depending on the shop.

I cut my hair!

Yes I realized that I’m getting fairer
I have no idea why

That’s all for today folks

Evan Chang

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