Perfume Review: Loccitane Vanille and Narcisse Eau de Toilette

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Today I will be bringing you a perfume review
If you still don’t know what perfume it is then please go and do 50 pushups
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It is the…

Loccitane Vanille and Narcisse Perfume

Now if you didn’t notice by now
I like warm scents that remind you of a fireplace during a winter’s day
I like to smell like I’m radiating warmth and love throughout the world and be fabulous at it

The scent is exactly what it says on the box
Radiant and voluptuous
Although I’m just one of them

I got the perfume for RM 225

You can also refer to the ingredients list down here:

Now what can I say about the box except that it is simple and nice?

You have the L’Occitane logo on top

Very sexy bottle
Square and sturdy with a black cap

The perfume itself is 75ml or 2.5 fluid ounces

This is how the spray head looks like
It dispenses the perfume like a cloud of wonderful scent

I usually spray two spritz on my neck, one on the back of my neck and two on my body

The scent lasts the whole day on me and I don’t have to respray
If I would want to describe this scent, it would be:

A scent that leaves you thinking of fresh vanilla while sitting in a warm rustic place with woody incense burning in the background

Needless to say I would rate this scent..
A total thumbs up!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


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