Pairing Wine with Chocolate? WTF?

So we heard of wines pairing with main courses such as steak, chicken, fish and whatever you like to eat
But have you ever heard of pairing wine with chocolate?
(Strokes imaginary beard)

I was invited to Royce in Ben’s Independant Grocer, Publika to try this out

Whether does wine really go with chocolate?

and I went with this love girl right here

Isn’t she adorable?

Let’s be honest here
You been to Royce before (we all have)
The chocolates looks so tasty and you wanna buy all of them

But when you see the price

Your mind turned off and you cry a little inside

Then you walk away

Comment below if you did this before

Now let’s talk about Royce
Not Rolls-Royce ok

Royce is from Hokkaido, Japan
They create chocolates that are rich in aroma, flavor and texture
Their chocolates have unique recipes and uses high quality ingredients
(Explains the price)
All Royce chocolates are manufactured in Tobetsu-cho, Sapporo, Hokkaido under strict quality and hygiene control

Let’s get on to the event

We were introduced to the wines and chocolates offered by Managing Director of Nam Lee Cheong

Mr. Leong Keng Mun

He explained to us why they want to do this
Innovation is the key point

There were six chocolates paired with three wines
The chocolates vary from cocoa levels to textures

This is the first wine
A sweet wine that has a verrrrryyyy slight sour taste
Very nice

This is the second wine
Pink moscato
Slightly sweeter and more floral
(Psst.. Its my favourite)

This is the third wine
Apparently it is made of grapes that have been left to mold to have a sweeter taste
It is very very sweet

The wines are from Nam Lee Cheong Wine Shop
They have 12 agencies around the world from countries such as Australia, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Korea, and France.
They are also Malaysia’s premier online wine shop where they offer a wide range of the affordable best wines in Malaysia, as well as a comprehensive range of services that caters to any and all wine needs
You can go to to check it out

This was the first chocolate served – Milk cocoa
Has a crunchy texture inside

This is how the inside looks like

It was served with the first wine

This is the second chocolate – Bar chocolate

It was served with the second wine – Pink Moscato

Plus the guy pouring is handsome kan?

Third chocolate – Nama Chocolate
(My favorite chocolate)

Reminds you of chocolate ganache

The inside is MOIST

Smooth and moist like the cream

It was served with the third wine – Montes
(Frankly I liked it with the second wine)

Fourth chocolate – Bar Chocolate Black

Slightly bitter with a sweet aftertaste

It was paired with the third wine

Fifth Chocolate –  Pure Chocolate Mild Bitter

Mildly bitter but more bitter than the previous one

It was paired with the third wine

Final sixth chocolate – Pure Chocolate Extra Bitter

Bitter with a bit of grainy texture

So my verdict?
At first I was skeptical about pairing chocolate with wine
I thought I would be like


I became like this after I paired the chocolates and the wine

Who knew!

So if you are interested in the chocolates and the wine
Don’t hesitate to go to the nearest Royce and ask the staff!

She looks so happy

As usual I got goodie bags for attending this event

Thank you for the bottle of wine

And thank you for the chocolate!

ROYCE’ outlets in Malaysia are located in Isetan KLCC, Bangsar Village, Tropicana City Mall, The Gardens Mall, Ben’s Independent Grocer at Publika, Empire Shopping Gallery and Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.

For more information please go to their website:

You can also go to for more information on the wines that were served with the chocolates

I would like to also thank the Butterfly Project for this opportunity in joining such events
Thank you!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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