Paint your days with smiles and laughter

Hi lovely people!
I noticed that there have been many sad news around the world lately

So I thought why not share things that make me laugh with you

Here we go!

Warning: There is a back flip button on cats. Use with caution.

Everytime I try to make it until last call at the bar.

When there is a bug crawling on my leg

Golfer attempts a trick shot

Best Choreography Ever!

As a college student getting my first weekly paying job

My six year old niece thinks she can beat me up because she does karate

Vacuum Lips.

Just try it...

Midnight Chucky Prank

Awwwww yesssssss!

Hope this post brightens up your day!
Remember that life has ups and downs but its up to you whether to keep it positive!

Have a nice day!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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