Product Review: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Hello everyone!
Yes I know I’ve been gone for a long long time but that’s because work has been piling up and its driving me crazy

Yes I scream at everyone when I’m crazy

Today’s post will be a sponsored post
This item was sent to me about 4 weeks ago and I’m here for the first item review!

It is the…

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil!

It is a multipurpose oil that you can use for a plethora of purposes!
What can you use it for?
Read on to find out!
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Product Review: Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation

Its finally here!
Marc Jacobs has finally arrived in Malaysia!
Bless the makeup gods!

Personally I am so glad that Malaysia is opening up to more foreign brands from other countries
It’s good for us as the consumer because it gives us more choices to choose from
The power of consumerism I say!

17 Things Guys Secretly Love

Today’s post will be a review on the Genius Gel Super Charged Foundation!

Which is on the left from the three things above!

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Product Review: Holika Holika Ultra Moist Aloe Soothing Gel 99% Purity

Hello darlings!
Today’s post will feature one of the most well known ingredients in the world

If you haven’t read the title already

Now I’m sure you all know what is Aloe Vera
If you don’t then you have to ask Google about what it is and what does it do to you skin!

Today’s review will be about…

Holika Holika Ultra Moist Aloe Soothing Gel

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Fabulous Fridays with Evan

Hello pretties !
Welcome to the first of more to come Fabulous Fridays

I’m starting to do these kind of posts besides those review posts to liven up my blog a little because its kinda looking boring these days

Fabulous Fridays will be sharing about what have I done for the week and what will be coming up for the next week
So its like a little summary and teasers for the blog I’m sure some of you would like that

So let’s start shall we?


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Wondering Wednesdays: Do you have a specific makeup routine that you stick to for a certain amount of time?

Hello beautiful people all around the people
I have a question for you guys and gals out there

Do you have a specific routine which you stick to for a certain amount of time?

It doesn’t have to be skincare, makeup or the clothes you wear

Do let me know in the comments below

Personally I don’t
I like to have the freedom of choice myself
I do experience those days where I just sit at my table and wonder for a good 15 minutes of what should I use on my face today

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Where have I been and what I’ve been up to?

Hello girls and guys!
I’m sure some of you are wondering what I have been up to and where have I’ve been

Well not to worry my dear people
I am still alive and still kicking!
Its just that I’ve been going through quite a stressful bout and have to focus my energy elsewhere

Don’t worry though
I have lotsa post coming up soon once I settle myself down
Till then..

Stay Fabulous!

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