Product Review: Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation + The new version!

That’s Italian for hello and goodbye!
You learn something new everyday!

Now my little chico and chiconas
I bring to you today a review of a powder foundation
One of my HOLY GRAIL products of powder foundations!

Excited eh?
So without further ado…
It is the…

Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation

Which looks like this:

I hit pan on it!
Evidence that I love this very very much!

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Product Review: Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Hi guys!
How is my lovely cupcakes doing?

I am feeling liberated because I finished my internship!

There will be a rant at the end of the post
So be warned

Today I bring to you another moisturizer review!
There isn’t much on the net on this product
That usually is an alarm blaring warning to me that this product cannot be trusted
I did try it out anyway
Because I’m that awesome

I bring to you…

Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Which looks like this:

I take this moisturizer to the gym because it is small and easy to carry around and I can use it after my shower in the gym

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I got a new hair cut

Hi guys!
Wondering why I haven’t been posting these few days?

Actually I have been sick for a few days
Can’t even get out of bed


I feel much better now
And what better what to celebrate being healthy again by going for a hair cut!


I quite like it!

That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

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