New from Sasa, the HD Aura Series

Hi guise!
How have you been?
I’ve been going back to the gym lately and lets just say that I can’t properly move my body now because of it
But hey
Attractiveness doesn’t come easy right?

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys something new from Sasa
The sales girl told me that this is a new product
Its for the Cyber Colors brand carried by them

Presenting the…

HD Aura Series

First is the HD Aura Cream Foundation with SPF 30 PA+++

I got mine in the shade Natural but its a smidgen darker than my skintone
The first color was called Ivory but it was too pink for me

The ingredients list
Already I see some ingredient that make most of you cringe
Such as Talc

Next is the HD Aura Gel Foundation with SPF PA++

Got mine in the shade Natural as well
It’s also a bit darker than my skintone but its lighter than the cream foundation

Again the ingredients where it contains Talc

Finally the HD Aura Watery Makeup Base with SPF 20 PA+++

I got mine in the first shade
They also have two other corrector shades in green and purple

The ingredients list

This is how they look like out of their packaging

They also have two other products which is the loose powder and the pressed powder
But I didn’t buy them cause I already have a lot of powders
I am a powder freak after all

The items retail at all Sasa shops as follows:

HD Aura Cream Foundation: RM99
HD Aura Gel Foundation: RM99
HD Aura Watery Makeup Base: RM89

Can’t wait to try these out and see how they work on my oily skin

That’s all for today


Evan Chang

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