New Brand on the Block! SOmang?! (Plus some beauty buys)

Hi ma peeps!

So I was walking around KL doing my so called adventures
Walked into Parkson and I saw this:

There’s a new brand of skincare and cosmetics from Korea

Being born curious
I walked over to the sales lady and asked her about the brand
Everyone say hello to this pretty lady!

She’s a bit shy

Apprently SOmang is a popular brand from Korea for over 16 years that has won several awards
But I was wondering to myself if it is so popular
Why I never heard of it?
Logic right?

Nonetheless I took some pictures so that you guys can have a rough idea of what the brand sells

Their range seems quite interesting
The packaging reminds me of traditional medicines

But I am excited to see what else will they bring in next
Seeing that this is a new brand that is selling in Malaysia

You can refer to their Facebook page and website for more information

Plus I also bought some things from them
(Bad Evan!)

Will update you guys on how I feel about these products!

I also bought a blush from Estee Lauder

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  1. Hey, Evan! Thanks for trying our products! Can’t wait to see your updates regarding the sleeping pack and sunblock. =D

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