My last session at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA

Hello hello~
Guess where that phrase came from and tell me in the comments below

At last it was the last treatment that Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA have for me
I actually felt sad that it was the last treatment
I had tremendous results from the past two treatments as shown in this and this post

Me before the treatment

Notice how much slimmer and toner I look now
My friends and family said that my transformation was really quick and asked what was my secret
Now you see why am I so sad?

Sad face is sad

As usual I reached there at 1.30pm and waited for the room to be prepared for me
Obviously I had to take a selfie because what would I do without one?
Am I right people?


It was 1.45pm and I was ushered into the room where the treatment will be done
I was told that the last treatment the Venus Freeze will be done and there will be no meso-lipo injections
It was bitter sweet actually
But maybe I’m just overthinking it?

First 5 minutes of the Venus Freeze
They applied the oil and started rubbing my lower belly
The heat slowly build up and I can feel it

Observe my face when the thing became too hot

See how my tummy looks redder during the Venus Freeze?

And yes
The girls were enjoying seeing my tormented face during the Venus Freeze
See how evil she smiled for the camera

Thanks again Kak Ina and Carrie!


Waistline is smaller and firmed
Redness is definitely there
Results were not so significant when compared with the combination of the meso-lipo and the Venus Freeze
But that is to be expected after all!

So am I satisfied?
Will I come here in the future?
Even though I wasn’t asked to review the treatment?

It is that effective
And that is my most humble opinion
Seriously though guys
If you have stubborn fat, the ones that jiggle when you walk and make you feel like Santa Clause
Just go do the treatment
Just do it
Trust me
Do it

I would like to thank Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II for giving me this opportunity to do this treatment
Highly recommend this to those who have really stubborn areas that just won’t go away even though you tried many different ways!

Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II address and contact:
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor,
Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
T +60-3-2163 5699 / 98, +60-17-216 3569 (mobile)
F +60-3-21635698


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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