My favorite gadget(s)? Discount code giveaway!

So I got an email from Ipmart asking me to share about my favorite gadget and they gave me a discount code for me to share with you guys!

So instead of choosing only one of my favorite gadget
I am going to share 3 of my favorite with you guys!
Because I’m a guy and as we all know
Guys generally love tech stuff!

The first one is my..

Canon DSLR 650D

Before this I used to take picture with standard point and shoot cameras and my phone
But I once I got this baby
This at least gave me the illusion of me being a photographer
I mean with just holding a DSLR gives you that sense of professionalism or is that just me?


Going back to the point
Without it I would be able to shoot pictures such as…



or this

Frankly I love my DSLR
And if any of you would like to invest in one
I highly suggest you do so!

Next will be my Macbook Air
Which you can read the unboxing HERE

See how sexy it is?

I use my Macbook Air to write blog posts, to take to college and study and to do my assignments
Plus its friggin light
I think that checks all my boxes!

it weighs only 2.38 pounds and is only 0.68 inches thin
Size isn’t everything you know

The third would be my iPhone 5s

Oh my iPhone you are so smexy

I use it to call, instagram, whatsapp and even listen to music while I’m in the gym
Its light, its durable and its quality of high quality!
Not to mention how big the Apple app store is!

Did you know?
Without the use of cellphones and phone cables
We would still need to rely on smoke signals to send messages across!?
Well no thank you for me!

Am I satisfied with it?
Hell yes!

Now onto the giveaway!

But read the info first
Be thankful that we have technology!

Now here is the discount code!

With every purchase of RM100 you get a RM15 discount
The code can be used an unlimited amount of times until March 31 this year!

You can use the code at

So if you have some techy stuff to buy
Why not take this opportunity to used the code and buy it!

Thank you IPmart for the opportunity to share this with my readers!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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