Loving this bottle!

Hi guise!
I got something to share with you today!

As you all know
I am going back to the gym after having not gone there more than 3 months
Which come to think of it
Is almost 5 months now

Today I wanna share with you about this:

The Smart Shake

It break into 4 pieces
1 for your liquids
1 for your pills or supplements
1 for you protein powder or other foods

I usually put my protein powder in the container
Then when I go to the gym I just take one bottle with me

The cap has a filter that helps you separate the protein when you shake it

It is also microwave safe

You can also make it shrink if you wanna take it for travel

For those who want other colours
They have it as well!
I have another one in green

I got mine from Sean Lee
Do pm him for more info

I find this bottle quite useful for my gym routine because it is multitasking. I do have to lug multiple bottles around now!


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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