Love Blush but don’t know how? It can be done!

Hello my people
Today I will give my two cents on makeup for men

Today its about blush!

Sometimes we blush because we’re shy
Do I look shy?

One of the hardest things to master for everyone
Even for a make up artist!

Let’s start with the definition of blush
Where else to get this information but to Google it of course!
P.S. I love the internet

According to Wikipedia:

Rouge, also called blush or blusher (UK), is a cosmetic typically used by women to redden the cheeks so as to provide a more youthful appearance, and to emphasize the cheekbones.

So therefore
Blush is used by us humans to make us look younger, fresher, to emphasize cheekbones and let people know we are not vampires with no blood circulating in our veins.


Many forget the use of blush and apply it in a way that makes you think whether they have a really bad sunburn or they’re drunk in the middle of the day


If I ever see someone who does like this
I will personally go and slap the person and put the blush on for them myself!

A good example would be like this:


Here are some tips:


I’ve seen many people done this wrongly
They look like they just been slapped multiple times on the face

Always apply blush sparingly and build it up
Do not pack blush on to your brush and just slap the whole thing on

2. Choose a colour that complements your skin tone

I think this is quite easy to understand and remember
Always remember to choose blush colours that makes you look healthy and alive

If you’re fair like me, most blushes would work for you but always remember to sheer it out to avoid looking like you were from outer space.
I recommend blushes that are on the lighter end of the spectrum.
Both pinks and peach tones are alright
If you’re of darker skin tones, try finding blushes that are pigmented and would show up on your skin
I recommend blushes that are of the deeper end of the spectrum

3. Place blush on parts of the face that you normally blush

This is quite a problem actually
I’ve seen people who place their blush on the sides of the nose
Need I say more?

If you blush easily
Just place it on the places that you normally blush
Normally it would be on the cheeks, the top of the nose bridge, the chin and the forehead.
Some people actually do blush on the jaw
Everybody’s face is different
Suit your blush placement according to your skin


If you’re like me
I don’t blush
(Bad blood circulation)
So I place my blush at these places:

The cheekbones, sides of the forehead, the top of the nose bridge, the forehead and the tip of the chin.

4. Choose the formula according to skin type

There are three types of blush formulas that are available now
Four actually (but we shall talk about that another time)


The most popular formula for blush
Its easy to use and east to overuse
Normally people with normal to oily skin would use powder blushes


This is also a popular formula
Cream blushes are very pigmented creams that offer moisture to the skin
Normally people with normal to dry skin would use this for their blushing needs
Best of all?
It can double up as a lip colour as well!


This formula is not so popular but its picking up
Liquid blushes are very easy to overdo and can make your whole face look like you were bitch slapped
This formula works with all skin types depending on the pigmentation or blendability of the product

5. Choose the right application tool


The most popular application tool for applying blush
Easy to use and easy to see where you’re applying
Brushes can be used with all formulas depending on the brush hair

Try to find brushes that are angled or have a tapered tip


Another popular tool
Used correctly
It can apply the blush better than a brush!
But it takes time to master and it depends on the type of sponge along with the blush formula


The most easily accessible tool in our lives
Fingers are a great way to apply blush
But only for liquids and creams
Powder blush can be applied using fingers but it is very easy to mess up


These are only just the generic guidelines in applying blush

But who are we kidding?
Make-up is an art
There are no rules in art


Like art
There are ugly ones and beautiful breathtaking ones
So if art is suppose to take our breath away with its majesticity
Then please use¬†make-up¬†to do the same and don’t make people suffocate

So guys have fun and experiment
See what works for you best!

That’s all for today folks!

Evan Chang

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