Life Update: Where am I and what am up to


No I’m not in Thailand guys!
(Although I do miss the beautiful country)

I am actually still in Malaysia enjoying my time off from my work and the mousewheel that we call life
I think that we all need that break sometimes
A time just to cut off and look deep inside ourselves to find inner peace
Not that deep though, I don’t want an orgasm..


 Many of you readers out there would think that:

“Why is he taking another break again?”

Its very simple my dears
I am truly spent
Physically, mentally and spiritually spent

I work three jobs most of the time and I have barely enough time for myself even at night
Usually I come back at 11pm just to finish up some work that is left undone

So naturally I would wear out quite quickly and would need breaks frequently

Does this justify my absence in the blogging community and my online presence?
I’ll leave you to answer that

Currently I just want to focus on myself
I’m always giving away too much of myself
The cons of being too nice to people
I may seem bitchy but I do have a fragile heart
Which many people mistaken me as being unfriendly

 sigh animated GIF

 So I just came back from Japan

Temple in Tokyo

View from Hot Spring hotel in the morning

Selfie with Mount Fuji

The Gotemba Premium Outlet in Kyoto

Cute officer in charge of traffic near a Kyoto temple

View of Kyoto in the Morning

Skytree Tower in Tokyo

A cafe in Shinjuku

Matcha Icecream with Mochi balls and biscuit with Matcha filling

Flowers growing near Mount Fuji

Me being shown how to make Matcha

A turtle posing for me

The lanterns in one of the temples in Japan

Majestic Mount Fuji

Animated Singer showing in Shinjuku

I really had fun in Japan and I miss Japan very much

Definitely will go back for holiday again!

Let me know what are you guys been up to in the comments section below!


Evan Chang

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