I got a package from HiShop!

I got a package from HiShop
Recently HiShop contacted me and asked me whether I would like to try this brand and the products
Obviously I said yes because I wouldn’t be doing this post if I didn’t accept it right?

You can go to www.hishop.my to buy many other products

I wonder what’s in the box?


A cleanser and a soothing lotion

Undo the bubble wrap!

I wonder exactly how you pronounce this brand?
Is it WW3E organic or W3WE organic?


They are cold blended organic products and are made in Malaysia

Like I said previously
I received the purify cleanser and the soothing lotion

The cleanser itself claims to purify, balance and refresh the skin when you use this to wash your face

It contains 100ml

The soothing lotion says that it will calm, tone and revitalize the skin

it contains 60ml of product

This is how they look like coming out of the boxes

They expire in two years from now

This is the ingredients list for the cleanser

Notable ingrediets include:
Amica flower extract, chamomile, elderflower and ginseng

This is the ingredients list for the lotion

Notable ingredients:
Calendula, Ginger, Ginseng and Honeysuckle

These products are organic, guaranteed to be 100% satisfied and is not tested on animals

I would like to thank HiShop.my for giving me this opportunity

The reviews will be coming out soon after the testing period
Which you guys know that I’m going through right now

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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