Getting FABULOUS with Fabulous Tan!

Hey guys!

Have you ever thought that you wanted something different?
Wanting to look and feel different?

Have you ever looked at your privates and thought to yourself:
” I really should trim the amazon jungle…”
You tried trimming it
But you don’t feel satisfied at all
So then you think to yourself:
“Why don’t I just remove it and be done with it?”

I did
So that’s why when I saw a promotion from Fabulous Tan in Groupon
I bought three vouchers right on the spot!

Today was my appointment with them
Currently they have only one outlet in Malaysia
Which is situated in Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur
A very fitting place as they help you maintain your “mid-valley”


After work I dragged my tired bum to Midvalley
Braving the jam of Old Klang Road

And I ended up here:

Fabulous Tan!

Currently they have 10% Cash Back for HSBC card holders
I’m not sure of the requirements though

Fabulous Tan offers services such as tanning, teeth whitening, IPL, Waxing and Facials

This was my consultant & professional for the day
Everyone say hello to
(I hope I spelled that right)

Very professional and very polite
Definitely recommend him to you peeps out there!

This was the bed that I was laying on when the job is being done

Quite comfy but the room was quite chilly seeing as I’m not wearing clothes during the session

There’s a place where you can rest your head and the station is situated near the bed

This where all the equipment is kept
Amazing how the job is done with just very few equipment!

I definitely enjoyed my visit to Fabulous Tan!
All I can say that I am as smooth as porcelain now

I can see myself going back again for another session of getting fabulous!

For more info, you can go to their Facebook page at Fabulous Tan or their website
You can also directly call them for more info on the services that they offer

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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