Get Caffe-ink-ed at Coffee Ink

Hello beautiful people!
How are you doing on this fabulous Sunday?

I feel great!
Just finished all my assignments and now I can relax for awhile then its off to do my thesis!
Today will be a coffee place review
And I have good news for those who live in Klang!
Because you guessed it!

The place is in Klang!

Yes it is Coffee Ink!

This little coffee place that I often frequent is located in the heart of Bukit Tinggi

That is the entrance of the cafe where you will find all your caffeine needs fulfilled!

Its right opposite of the Aeon Jusco of Bukit Tinggi!

See that guy over there?
He works at the cafe and regularly takes my order!
His name is Edrey and he is damn cute!

You can find the prices of the coffees that they offer here

and here

I recommend the Cappuccino and the Belgian Hot Chocolate

This is the counter that you order from
They will take your order and send the coffee to you!

I become one of their regular customers because I just love their level of service!
And that’s a very honest opinion

The interior of the cafe

Decorated with artworks, it gives the place an artsy fartsy feeling that isn’t cloying to the eyes

The ducks and sacks that decorate the interior of the cafe

Want artwork?
No Problem

Like pictures of dogs?
Got it covered
They even threw in a painting of the infamous Micheal Jackson

Lovely atmosphere

Second section of the cafe
Very nice

I love going to these kinds of places because it isn’t too commercialised like Starbucks and other chain coffee outlets

Second section interior of the cafe

Oh yeah don’t worry they do have food
They’re just trying to scare you

Like I said
I love my coffee and those who follow my Instagram know that I really do
This is a cappuccino that I ordered and paid for


Needless to say
I come here every time I come down to Klang
Either to catch up on work, with friends or just to chill

It’s one of my favourite places to be and drink my lovely coffee

Coffee Ink can be found at:
No 19-1, Jalan Remia 3, Bandar Botanic, Klang

This is their Facebook page:

I was not paid by Coffee Ink to do this blog post. This is solely for sharing my lovely experience that I had when I visit here because its one of my favourite coffee places to be. The owner did not contact me to do this blog post and is solely my opinion.

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That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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  • This place sounds good and the coffee art makes the difference! Good to have a cute server too! Too bad it’s in Klang. Last time I was there was ten years ago lol

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