Fabulous Fridays with Evan

Hello pretties !
Welcome to the first of more to come Fabulous Fridays

I’m starting to do these kind of posts besides those review posts to liven up my blog a little because its kinda looking boring these days

Fabulous Fridays will be sharing about what have I done for the week and what will be coming up for the next week
So its like a little summary and teasers for the blog I’m sure some of you would like that

So let’s start shall we?


This week was quite uneventful but a much welcomed one

Missed you so much Sue!

Then as usual
It’s coffee coffee and coffee!

Needless to say
Coffee has been my best friend these few weeks due to the amount of stress that I’m under

Me and the S.O went to Ikea for dinner and taste the much raved meatballs Needless to say we were very satisfied but there was something that was off about the taste though It was tasty but it just didn’t hit the right spot

But the craving was satisfied!

So what are you going to expect for next week post?

Guess what I bought! #sephora #marcjacobs #mak...

Guess what I bought! #sephora #marcjacobs #makeup via yosomolo

I bought three of Marc Jacob’s items!
The review will be up by next week!

A review of the Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

And also one item from this little pile right here!

So are you excited for what’s coming up next week?
Do let me know in the comment section below!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


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