Hi guys
Today will be an emo post
So if you don’t like these kind of posts please click away~

Have you guys ever felt that your heart has been broken into a lot of pieces after you found out that the person you love has lied to you about something that you asked them to do with you when you were with them at the particular time?

Then you should understand my feeling now

I was out to a club with my friends
We were about to leave when I saw my ex walking into the club with the new love
Honestly to tell you that I’m really dumbfounded

To make it easy for you guys to understand
I will substitute the ex name with A

When I was with A at the time
A told me that clubbing wasn’t a thing for A
I asked A multiple times to come and join me
But A would say no to me no matter how many times I tried
So I gave up

But today
I saw A walking into the club I was in with the new love
Honestly I can tell you that I was dumbfounded

There I was watching A going in the club with another person
I do admit
I’m still in love with A
I been crying every night trying to forget all the memories
Trying to accept the fact that I would not be with A any more
I spend every waking moment thinking what could happen if I was still with A

I literally broke down when I saw A
I cried so hard while driving home in the car

I wanted to shout at A
For being such a liar
For making me feel like this

I still hope maybe one day A would love me back
Everyday I hope…

So guys
Tell me
Have you ever felt so cheated like me?
I want know

Evan Chang

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