Cetaphil: Your skin care choice?

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you but my skin is very important to me

How important?

Let me lay down some important facts for you:

1. Your skin is the largest organ of your body
2. Your skin is the MOST EXPOSED part of your body, you literally expose your skin to hundreds and thousands of dust, chemicals and pollutants that are around you. Even now you are exposing your outer skin.
3. Your skin need the TLC it deserves because it protects your WHOLE BODY
4. Your skin helps you to regulate your body temperature

There are lots of people with sensitive skin
People who suffer from acne, eczema, rashes and many other diseases
This is why we need skincare that helps us to strengthen our skin while protecting it!

For myself
I have suffered from a myriad of skin issues
My skin suffers from acne, dehydration, sensitivity and itchyness
It really dampends my confidence to the point that I needed to use makeup to feel better about myself
Because hey!
Out of sight out of mind right?

But I know this is not a long term nor sustainable goal
I love makeup but I love my skin as well
As we all should!

Therefore I keep trying to find ways to repair my skin
To protect it, to love it and to keep it loved
Because when you love something you gotta take care of it am I right?

Therefore I was so lucky to have Cetaphil approached me and asked me whether do I want to do a blog post for them!
Of course I said yes because who hasn’t heard of Cetaphil!?

Almost the whole beauty community has heard of them because its suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t aggravate it at all.
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the blogging community!
You know this yourself and you must be nodding to yourself right now
I am very sure you heard the many praises that Cetaphil has gotten for their products!

But first
Let’s talk about skin care
The normal skincare routine would be like this:

Cleanser – Toner – Moisturiser

An extended skincare routine would be:

Pre-cleanser – Cleanser – Toner – Pre-serum – Serum – Moisturiser

Each skincare routine takes a siginificant amount of time to get right and sometimes your skin changes until the skincare items that you use doesn’t even suit your skin anymore where your skin may change from oily to dry
It is so frustrating to get the skincare things right because our bodies react to each thing differently where the things that suit some people may not suit other people at all!

I know many of you readers out there feel the same
Many have said:


*Pat pat*

It’s okay
We all feel the same

But there are some things that we all need
Like I said before
Why don’t we look at the basic skincare routine

Cleanser –  Toner – Moisturiser

Do we actually need Cleanser?
Of course we do!
Imagine all the build up of dust and chemicals that sits on our skin after a long day
The things that accumulate in our pores and if we don’t clean them
What happens?

You know it!

Now let’s move on to toner
Do we all need toner?

My personal answer would be no
I think everyone’s skin has different needs and toner isn’t the item that everyone needs at all
So there

Now what about moisturiser?
What do we all hear from everyone?
It doesn’t matter what skin type you are
Oily, normal, dry or weird


Your skin needs protection, your skin needs love and your skin needs moisture
Have you seen the sahara desert?
Now imagine your skin like that
Flaky, dry and full of insects
Do you want that to be your skin?

So therefore
Let’s talk about Cetaphil

Over 65 years ago, a leading pharmacist created the first Cetaphil product – a gentle, yet powerful formula that would clean without stripping and moisturize without clogging.  Today, Cetaphil is the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers and is recognized around the world.

65 years of experience backed by science and research has helped many people out there with skin issues

No wonder so many people love their products!

 Personally I use their products
My most favorite is the moisturiser which is this

Although I do not have chronically dry skin, I do have sensitive skin which is hella hard to deal with

I use this at night because I find it better for my skin due to its heavier texture and moisturising properties

In the day time I usually go for lighter moisturizers because I have oily skin

The ingredients list is as above for your kind reading

I am so generous

The product comes in a plastic white bottle that reminds me of laboratories and research areas

Do you get that too when you look at it?

This is how the lotion looks like
There is no fragrance to the extent of my smelling ability

The lotion spreads out easily enough where it feels very nice and moist on the skin
Obviously you would put it on your face or anywhere that is dry

For more information you can go to their YouTube Channel and listen to what the experts have to say!

Remember everyone
Always moisturize your skin
Never ever let your skin become dry because you’ll grow old faster!!

I would like to thank Cetaphil in sponsoring me the product
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to let everyone know what a great product this is and how Cetaphil has changed many lives of people

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart

Cetaphil is running a competition right now!

The Cetaphil Experience is a getaway for women  from Malaysia, who want to improve their skin confidence. The winner is provided with a  3D/2N transformative experience at globally award-winning health and wellness retreat, The Farm at San Benito worth RM15,000! The Cetaphil Experience on top of being a relaxing spa experience will educate participants about skincare with discussions, workshops, and treatments from medical professionals.
Every submission may also INSTANTLY win one of these prizes:
• RM5 Cetaphil Voucher 
• Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 
• A Cetaphil hamper worth RM250
More details about the competition will be released soon!
Stay Tuned!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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