Product Review: Guardian Bye Bye “Panda Eyes” Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask

Hi everyone!
*waves enthusiastically*

bear hello hi greetings waving

I’ve been away for a long time and it really has been a dream boat of a ride
Gurl let me tell you
I needed that time off so bad
My orgasm wasn’t on track and I had to travel around the world to find it again

And they say finding the G spot is hard!

phew tv television nbc ciara

Today’s review will be on the…

Guardian Bye Bye “Panda Eyes” Cocoa Brightening Eye Mask!

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Against Animal Cruelty!

I am issuing a challenge to everyone! Everytime you order a drink or beverage that requires the cashier or barista to give them your name, reply with an animal sound or the type of animal that you want. I am doing this in hopes of raising awareness of animal cruelty and let’s all love animals together. Hopefully this will encourage more people to be kinder to animals!

Remember to hashtag ‪#‎drinksforanimals‬ whenever you post a picture!

Product Review: Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Hello everyone!
Yes I know I’ve been gone for a long long time but that’s because work has been piling up and its driving me crazy

Yes I scream at everyone when I’m crazy

Today’s post will be a sponsored post
This item was sent to me about 4 weeks ago and I’m here for the first item review!

It is the…

Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil!

It is a multipurpose oil that you can use for a plethora of purposes!
What can you use it for?
Read on to find out!
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