Product Review: Elianto Kabuki Brush

Elianto Kabuki Brush

Hello my lovelies!
Today I am going to review for you guys
One of the staples of my makeup brushes
I love kabuki brushes
I feel they’re very cute and useful
You can use them to:
Apply mineral makeup
Apply your finishing powders
Blend in your blush
Apply your bronzer
Its just that versatile!
So here are the picture of the product:
This is a kabuki brush!
Not to be confused with the Sigma ones
The Sigma ones may be called kabuki brushes too
But a true kabuki brush should be a fluffy and soft brush that is used to blend out your makeup
Look how cute it is!
It’s so small and portable that I just wanna eat it up!
It’s sooooo soft…
I feel like rubbing my face with it all day long..
I have this brush for about 2 years now
It never shed on me or given me any problems
The handle is easy to grip on
Just the right thickness and length
So guys
What are you waiting for?
If you need a good kabuki brush for blending
Go ahead and try this!
That’s all for today folks!
Evan Chang

Product Review: Sigma F80-Flat Synthetic Kabuki Brush

Sigma F80-Flat Synthetic Kabuki Brush

Today I shall review for you a brush that will be invaluable in your makeup routine..
It is the Sigma F80 brush!
This is how it looks like:
The brush is made up of dense synthetic bristles that is housed in a metal shiny ferrel with a wooden handle
The wooden handle has a glossy finish to it
This is the old version I am having
Because this baby has lasted me for over 2 years!
Yes my people
It lasted me for over a year
Brushes will always be a good investment!
Somemore pictures of the brush:
Because it is a flat top brush and its synthetic
It will buff your foundation/bbcream/primer/moisturiser into your skin right away and will not absorb too much product
The brush is very nice and sturdy to hold
I always use this brush when I plan to wear my foundations
It can be used with powder/mineral/liquid/cream foundations!
Recently I used it with my Chanel Perfection Lumiere
and let me tell you folks
It just made applying foundation a hell lot easier
The finish is an even nice coverage
I didn’t experience any streakiness
After I cleaned my brush
The smell of the Perfection Lumiere still lingers on the brush
I can’t stop smelling it! LOL
The bristles are soft but sturdy at the same time

I didn’t think it scratched my face at all
In fact
I think this is so soft that I just want to buff away at my face all day long

I recommend this brush!
Whether you just started makeup or you’re a full blown fabulous makeup artist
This brush will surely prove useful to you!