Product Review: Hada Labo Cleansing Oil

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil Review

Do you know what is the most satisfying thing when you come home after a day of work?
Taking off your make up of course!
There’s nothing like the sensation of taking of that layer of products that protects your skin after a long day
Just like shedding you skin eh?
Today I’m going review the Hada Labo Cleansing Oil for you guys
Here are some pictures of the bottle:
Front part
Back part
Packaging so misleading lor
Kinda looks like…. HAHAHAHAHA!
Now onwards to the product review!
The product comes in a bottle with a pump that dispenses the product quite well
I have no gripes about the pump
It doesn’t get stucked or clogged up so no problem there
What I feel a bit ticked off is the misleading packaging!
I was expecting a yellow oil but it came out clear instead
However once it comes in contact with water it becomes a milky liquid anyway
Similar like something we know hor
Now it cleans my face very thoroughly
I don’t feel any hints or leftovers from the make up that I wear throughout the day
It does not dry out my skin
I do double cleanse every single time!
I feel that we all should actually!
It does what it was marketed for but still…
Sorry but I have something about packaging
A word of warning though
It does contain MINERAL OIL
So for those who are sensitive to it please do stay away from it
So far I have no problems with this product
So do I recommend to buy this?
If you want a cleansing oil that can be found in the drugstore/highstreet/pharmacy
Then yes I do recommend you trying this cleansing oil
However if you think you’re sensitive to mineral oil then please do stay away OR if you think cheap cleansing oils are crap and you look down upon cheap products then please don’t buy it. XD
Evan Chang