Product Review: Elianto Natural Mineral Loose Powder

I shall review one of my staple powders
Which is this:
Simple packaging is the best
My colour is in number 2 Rose Beige
Sifter dispenses the right amount
The puff is handy too

Elianto’s Natural Mineral Loose Powder

Which is not so natural IMO
It contains talc which may make some people break out
So I don’t recommend this product to people who are sensitive to talc
Although for myself I have never broke out with the use of this powder
So i don’t know how it will fare on your skin
There are good points!
First of all it really sets my make-up which make it lasts the whole day
For those who still don’t know
Any make-up without powder will just slide of my face like nobodies business
Almost like wearing socks on a newly polished floor!
It mattifies my face and helps control my sebum secretion
It also help me colour correct my foundation or BB cream if its too light
For me personally
I rather like a matte face compared to a natural looking face because I do have oily skin
So there’s a problem there
There is also a faint scent
Like the scent of minerals? I think
It reminds me of those old lady make-up
It does fade after you put it on your face
So no problem there for me
I’m not really sensitive to scents make-up wise
I usually set my make-up with this powder with a kabuki brush
Just dispense a appropriate amount onto the lid and swirl the kabuki brush in
And just press the brush onto your face so you don’t move the foundation/BB cream
It sets my make up perfectly!
So to conclude
Would I recommend this product?
Unless you are sensitive to talc of course
Then you have to find another loose powder
Which is may review in the future =P
Evan Chang