Product Review: Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo

Hey there my lovely buttercookies
Cause CNY is coming!

Today I am going to review for you guys a facial foam!
and best of all
It comes in a can!

Before I start with the review
Let me just say that I do like this product
But it has one major flaw
But we’ll get to that later

The product that I am talking about is the…
Freshel Pack & Massage Foam from Kanebo!

It looks like this:

The product comes in a pressurized can that is very unhappy if it is around heat and fire
Should the can come into contact with those two, it will be very angry an explode out with anger

The can itself is a light silver bronze with a peach colored cap

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Product Review: Laneige Multi Cleanser

Laneige Multi Cleanser

*cue dramatic music*
To my blog
Today I going to review for you guys a facial foaming wash
I used 4 bottles of this already and my current one is finishing soon
So you guys know what to do la
This is how the product looks like:
Well let me begin to say that
It removes any excess makeup, cleans my pores, makes my skin feel squeky clean!
It has fresh scent to it
Nothing offending
Just a nice clean scent
The cleanser itself is a white cream that foams up very easily
You just need a tiny amount
I didn’t take any pictures because I can’t take the photo with my hands wet
I love my phone k..
Seriously just try this cleanser
Don’t recommend this to dry skin people though
Sorry =S
Evan Chang