Product Review: Tarte CC be Mattenificent Palette

Hello buttercups
How are you on this haze covered day?
The air quality here in Malaysia is really deteriorating
Makes us all prone to sickness really
But that doesn’t mean we can’t be pretty!

Am I right?
Can i get a holla!?


Today’s review will be about a new palette that just came out in Malaysia
Fairly new still as this was released in the U.S. just a few months ago

It is the..

Tarte CC be Mattenificent Palette!

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Product Review: Artdeco Eyeshadow Base

Hello lovely people!

How’s the new year been treating you so far?
I always thought that New Year’s are the best time for change
The people in the gym also think that way

Today I’m bringing to you an eyeshadow base review
It is a brand from Germany and I attended their launching event
Unless you didn’t read the title then you would already know what am I talking about

It is the..

Artdeco Eyeshadow Base!

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