My second session at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA

Well Howdy there people!
Let’s talk about my second session at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA shall we?
You all read the first session right?
If not, here is the link to it

Moving on
My second session took place a week after the first session
Which will be followed by one more session with them the week next

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My First Experience at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II

Hello people!
I was approached by Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II for a treatment thanks to a fellow blogger
Thank you Isaac!

So I thought why not?
I never had any aesthetics treatment before, I can get to know how it feels like and I can tell you guys about it

I booked my appointment with them at 2pm and I reached there exactly at that time
Registering was easy
I just filled up a small form and waited for awhile

Waiting time was about an hour because it was in the afternoon
I even had time to take a selfie while waiting for the people to attend to me

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Pairing Wine with Chocolate? WTF?

So we heard of wines pairing with main courses such as steak, chicken, fish and whatever you like to eat
But have you ever heard of pairing wine with chocolate?
(Strokes imaginary beard)

I was invited to Royce in Ben’s Independant Grocer,┬áPublika to try this out

Whether does wine really go with chocolate?

and I went with this love girl right here

Isn’t she adorable?

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SaSa Fragrance Awards 2013 Finale Event

HI guys!
I know I haven’t been in the blogging scene lately
But trust me
If you know what I’m going through then you’ll understand

Today is not about that
Today’s post is about the event that I was invited to by SaSa

At the Sasa fragrance awards #event #blogger #...

At the Sasa fragrance awards #event #blogger #fragranxe #asian via yosomolo

So if you want to find out more then please read on

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