I got my first Little Beauty Bag!

Hi guys!
How long has it been since my last blog post?

Life has been really really hectic these day
I have two use to “really” to emphasize how severely hectic my life was these past weeks

But today
I bring to you some very exciting news!

There is a new monthly beauty subscription in town
Which is from Bag of Love!

This month is the Earth Lover edition
Designed to be earth friendly!
Also in conjunction with Earth MOnth

The bag looks like this:

The bag is made out of recycled non-woven cloth
Isn’t it lovely?

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Product Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow (Bad to the Bronze)

Hi guys!
How have you been?
I’ve been pretty bust lately
With the Cheng Meng and all that

For those who don’t know
Cheng Meng is All Souls Day for the Chinese
Malaysian or Non-Malaysian
Where we pray to our deceased ancestors and remember them

Today I’m bringing to you an eyeshadow review!
I know right
You must be thinking
“OMG Evan wears eyeshadow!?”
To answer that
Yes I do
Sometimes only that is

Today’s review will be about the…

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow (Bad to the Bronze)

Which just landed in Malaysia!
About time too!

Which looks like this:

Promises 24 hour wear which I highly doubt

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Product Review: Skinfood Super Nut Perfume Mist by Eva Armisen

Hi guys!
Happy Monday!

Today I bring to you a limited edition item review!
An item that was said to be inspired by a famous artist
Eva Armisen!

Which I have no idea who she is!
(Apparently she studied art in Barcelona and her work are exhibited worldwide!)

So without further ado
It is the..

Skinfood Super Nut Perfume Mist by Eva Armisen

Which looks like this:

This must be her artwork
The sort of casual fun and cheery style
You do feel kinda happy when seeing this

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Product Review: Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation + The new version!

That’s Italian for hello and goodbye!
You learn something new everyday!

Now my little chico and chiconas
I bring to you today a review of a powder foundation
One of my HOLY GRAIL products of powder foundations!

Excited eh?
So without further ado…
It is the…

Sephora Mattifying Powder Foundation

Which looks like this:

I hit pan on it!
Evidence that I love this very very much!

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Product Review: Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Hi guys!
How is my lovely cupcakes doing?

I am feeling liberated because I finished my internship!

There will be a rant at the end of the post
So be warned

Today I bring to you another moisturizer review!
There isn’t much on the net on this product
That usually is an alarm blaring warning to me that this product cannot be trusted
I did try it out anyway
Because I’m that awesome

I bring to you…

Living Proof Whitening Cell Complex Moisturizer SPF 20

Which looks like this:

I take this moisturizer to the gym because it is small and easy to carry around and I can use it after my shower in the gym

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