New from Sasa, the HD Aura Series

Hi guise!
How have you been?
I’ve been going back to the gym lately and lets just say that I can’t properly move my body now because of it
But hey
Attractiveness doesn’t come easy right?

Today I’ll be sharing with you guys something new from Sasa
The sales girl told me that this is a new product
Its for the Cyber Colors brand carried by them

Presenting the…

HD Aura Series

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Product Review: NARS Multiple in CopaCabana

Hello beautiful people!
Some of you may know that I have finished my exams
I am happy to announce that there will now be regular updates to the blog

I will also be going back to the gym
So you can join me on my fitness journey!

Today’s review will feature a product from NARS
Which sadly is still not available in Malaysia
(Massive rant on it but I shall save it for next time)

It’s the…

NARS Multiple in Copacabana

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Are you Ripe for Love?

Hi Guys!
One question..

Are you Ripe for Love?

Ready to go out and find that special person to spend time with?
After keeping it in for so long till it feels like its gonna burst?
I’m talking about your heart okay!
P.s. Maybe not 😛

Today’s review will be on the new MAC Collection
Temperature Rising!

MAC Temperature Rising for Summer 2013

The product is the…

You guessed it!
MAC Blush in the shade Ripe for Love!

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Product Review: Covo Cosmetics HD Picturesque BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

Hi guys!
Ready for a BB cream review?
I sure am!

Today will be a BB cream from a newly launched brand that just started about a month ago
Its the…

Covo Cosmetics HD Picturesque BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

I have found another BB cream that performs exceptionally!

So without further ado
Here are the pictures!

 A BB cream that has SPF50PA+++
Full protection!
You will have an anti-UVA/UVB condom over your face and neck!

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Product Review: Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter

Konichiwa my lovely buttercups

Today will be a review of one of the product that are not readily available in Malaysia at this time of writing and require you to order it online

Its the…
Sleek Luminaire Concealer and Highlighter!

I’ve been trying out a lot of these kind of concealers lately
Mainly because my skin has been looking dull and tired
So these product do help out in aiding you looking like you’re more awake

But let me begin by saying that I do not like this product
You will soon see why

So without further ado
Picture time:

This is a highlighting concealer
Keep that in mind
Whereever you apply this
People will focus their attention on that area because it is highlighted

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Product Review: Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Hello peeps!
Sorry for the late update
My schedule has been really hectic lately!
Thousand apologies!

Today will be another BB review!
Not BB cream, but a BB STICK!
Its the
Skinfood Red Orange Sun Stick BB SPF30 PA+++

Now what to say about this?
Besides that

But before that
Picture time!

Look how cute it is!
I actually like this more than the Maybelline one
Simply because its in a better and more colourful packaging

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Product Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++

Hello ma people!
Today will be a longggggggg review post
Chock full of pictures for you viewing pleasure
That sounded wrong in a sexual kind of way

I will be reviewing the
Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick BB Stick SPF 21 PA+++
Yes I know
That’s a freakishly long name
I ran out of breath even by saying it out loud
Seriously Maybelline?

Before the review
Let me begin by saying that I am really surprised by this product
All products that I reviewed on this blog is NOT sponsored unless stated otherwise

So without further ado
Here are the pictures!

The packaging is a little tube that is light green in colour

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