Product Review: TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream Review and a Mini HaulThe pump

TheFaceShop Power Perfection BB Cream Review

Hello and welcome back my lovely people!
Today I am going to review one of the most popular TheFaceShop has to offer
Which is the the Power Perfection BB Cream!
The product looks like this:
My shade is Natural Beige
The Pump
Side View
The packaging is a hard tube that is 15.5cm in height and 4cm in width
It is a very solid tube and it comes with a pump
Which is common for a BB cream
And best of all
Now to the important part
The BB cream of course!
Here are some pictures of the BB cream:
BB cream with grey cast
Slightly blended, has a bit of pink
Blended before oxidise
Blended and oxidised
The BB cream is a grey colour cream
It does oxidise and adapts to your skintone as usual with all BB cream
There are two shades that are available for this BB cream
Light Beige and Natural Beige
I chose the Natural Beige because the SA told me Light Beige is very pale
Honestly I don’t know because I’m usually in the lightest shades of foudations
The BB cream contains and SPF of 37 with PA+++
It is considered as good protection especially if you live in a country such as Malaysia
It gives a FULL coverage
and seriously folks
When I say it gives full coverage
I mean FULL COVER YOUR FACE coverage
Your blemishes will be covered and redness will be hidden
I don’t feel that it is heavy on my skin
But I do notice that I feel like there’s a layer covering my skin
It’s not an unpleasant sensation at all
The BB cream has a powdery scent to it
Almost like sniffing old lady perfume
It is easy to blend
I have no problems blended it in and patting it in to my skin
It doesn’t break me out
and doesn’t give me any irritations or whatsoever
It does control my oil very well
I only had to blot one time when trying this BB cream throughout the game
This is how my face looks like with the BB cream on:
And this is how the BB crem looks like after 7 hours:
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Not much shine at all!
So thumbs up for oil control!
So in conclusion
Packaging 3/5 I don’t like hard packaging
Texture 4/5
Colour 3/5 Again it doesn’t suit darker skintones
Smell 2/5 Old lady again ugh
Oil Control 5/5
Do I recommend this?
If you have oily fair skin like me then yes, by all means do buy this
If you have darker skin and dry skin, I do suggest trying to find another alternative BB cream

Mini Haul!

It comes with a sponge
I paid a visit to Bloop Cosmetic and Holika Holika today!
I bought some foundations and concealers and BB creams
Will update you guys once I tested them out!
Evan Chang

Product Review: TheFaceShop Aqua Tinted BB Cream

Hey ya’ll!
I’m back with another BB cream review!
This time its THEFACESHOP Aqua Tinted BB Cream!
The product looks like this:

Please excuse the dirty packaging >.<
Sexy korean back

TheFaceShop claims that this BB cream is:

  • A moisturizing BB cream that contains 70% water that keeps skin fresh, clear, and well-moisturized
  • 70% of this BB cream is water which includes deep ocean water
  • This BB cream glides over skin, leaving the skin feeling cool, refreshed, light and comfortable
  • Contains purslane extract which calms skin and is effective against skin problems
So does it keep up to its claim?
In a nutshell…
YES!But before I go into the review
Here are some pictures to show you how the product looks like:

Beige toned cream
Slightly blended
Fully blended
BB cream without setting powder
With setting powder

Now onto the product review!
The product is packaged in a 12cm squeeze tube
So it is quite easy to carry around
It is quite light as well so there is no problem using it as a travel product

TheFaceShop carries two shades for this BB cream
Which is #1 Light Beige and #2 Natural Beige
The one that I’m using now is #2 Natural Beige and it does adjust to my fair yellow skintone quite well
Again, my MAC shade is NC15 to NC20
It contains SPF20++
Which is considered so-so only for a Malaysian
It does fare well if you spend most of your time in air conditioned areas

This BB cream is good for those who wants a hydrating BB cream
So this product should suit Normal/Combination Dry skin
But I myself find this quite suitable for my Oily/Combination skin!
Just goes to show that a product doesn’t necessarily have to go those with a specific skin type!

I use this BB cream as my moisturiser and base
I didn’t notice any breakout until now and it does hydrate my skin
However I find that the oil control for this isn’t good
It’s a hydrating BB cream >.<

It does contain a fragrance
So for those who are sensitive to fragrance I recommend you to try smelling it in stores first before buying
I do not encourage buying this online though
The fragrance is a florally fresh smell that dissipates after awhile
So there’s no problem there
But I do wish that they make a fragrance for it because I want to buy it XD

It does improve my skin over time
Also I notice a calming effect on my skin when I applied it
Its quite refreshing as well
It is very easy to blend
I do notice that it is very watery
So all you need it a very little amount
A little goes a long way

After applying the BB cream
You would notice that it is NOT a matte finish
If you want to make it last longer
I suggest that you apply a setting powder to avoid it from slipping throughout the day
It gives a light to medium coverage
You can see you skin underneath
Which is a good thing!

So to conclude
Scent 3/5
Texture 4/5
Shades 2/5
Packaging 5/5

Would I recommend this to others?
Yes, if you have skin that needs the moisture
No, if you have skin that tends to be very oily or you do not fit in the shade range

Evan Chang

Product Review: Skin 79 Gold Collection BB cream

Today I’m going to review one of the most famous BB cream
Which is this:
The front
The butt
Yes ma darlings!
Its the Skin79 Gold BB cream!
Some swatches for you guys!
Half Pump
Slightly Blended
Fully Blended (please excuse my hairy hand)
The amount of product was very little because it was actually the last of the amount that the package held
Which means I was very lucky I could even have a small amount of product to review
It shows that I have been using this product for a good amount of time because it was finished!
Now on to the product!
The product comes in a 8.5cm cylinder in height
It is quite light and portable
So there’s not problem there
Also the product is dispensed through a vacuum pump
Which means less product wastage!
Vacuum pump! AWESOME
The BB cream itself is a grey cream that is easily spread and blended
It actually is one of the most blendable BB cream that I have ever used!
It contains SPF 25 PA+++
Which means it should be good in normal days
It does oxidise to your skintone after awhile and it quite suits my NC20 asian skin
Its suppose to be good for aging and dry skin
I find that it does help me control my oil and moisturise my combination skin
According to Skin79
It Whitens and Improves Wrinkles because it contain ingredients such as Adenosine and Arbutin
It also says that it contains Gold and Caviar extract to make healthy shiny skin o.O
How the hell did they make extractions from GOLD??
Gold Flakes I understand la
Extracting essence from Gold?
I don’t get it @@
Okay back to the BB cream!
I did notice a change for the better in terms of the tecture of my skin
It does whiten my skin a bit but I think thats because of the SPF in it
It doesn’t break me out and doesn’t clog my pores
So thats quite good!
It does have a kind of powdery smell
I don’t find it overpowering though
On the contrary I find it quite relaxing to smell 😛
To conclude
Packaging 5/5
Texture 5/5
Colour 3/5 Not all skintones can use this BB cream
Effects 4/5
Smell 3/5
So do I recommend to buy this?
Yes If you have fair skin and looking for a good BB cream
No if you have darker skin say like NC30 and above as it may make you look grey
Would I buy this again?
Evan Chang

Product Review (and a little bit of something else) Holika Holika Shiny Homme B.B cream FOR MEN!

Holika Holika Shiny Homme B.B cream FOR MEN Review

No you didn’t see the title wrong
Yes my fellow masculinist
Companies are starting to see that makeup isn’t for women only
Shouldn’t we do the same?
After all

Product breakdown 

This is how the product looks like:
Yes its says shiny
SPF 15!
Slim and easy to carry!
The product is from the Shiny Homme range which is aimed towards men with oily skin (duh it has the name shiny in it!)
It comes in a small and sturdy packaging
For those who want the exact measure of the product
It is exactly 11.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in length
The packaging in my opinion is awesome!
It looks simple and masculine
Not to mention sturdy!
Don’t be shy carrying this around yeah!
Just put it in your backpack and off you go
It can be also used after gym after you shower and make sure you apply your moisturiser!
The B.B cream is dispensed by a squeeze tube
Below is the product dispensed:
It’s a yellow toned B/B cream!
Slightly Blended
Fully Blended!
As you can see from the picture
It is very natural looking
It blends in to the skin perfectly!
The way this product works is that it enhances your skin and not covering your whole face like cement
It is very blendable!
Onto my face without the B.B cream!
 WITH the B.B cream
Much better XD

I applied it with my fingers with patting motions
I shall do a demo post soon!

As you can see from the pictures above along with my pimply face
The coverage is quite good!
It covers most of the redness while still showing your skin thru
It looks very natural and it gives a light to medium coverage
From the colour
Obviously it only suits Light to Light medium skin tones
For guys out there
It means people with fair to slightly tanned skin
I do not recommend this for tanned to dark skin men though
It will look like you’ve covered your face in ash!

It gives a matte finish and it controls sebum secretion on my face for about 5 hours
Which is very impressive considering my face becomes and oil slick in 1 hour after washing

Packaging 5/5
Coverage: Light to medium
Blendbility 5/5
Product 5/5
Overall 5/5

Would I recommend this to other people?

So guys and men!
(provided you have the same skin tone like me of course)

Little bit of something else

Today I realize something
The reason I’m still single is because I look worse in my pictures
And friend who visited me today told me I look so much more better in person
It just goes to show that people do look at how your looks first before making the decision to date you
Why do we have to live in this cruel world?

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