I got a new hair cut

Hi guys!
Wondering why I haven’t been posting these few days?

Actually I have been sick for a few days
Can’t even get out of bed


I feel much better now
And what better what to celebrate being healthy again by going for a hair cut!


I quite like it!

That’s all for today!

Evan Chang

Love yourself

Hi guys!

I am back from my Chinese New Year holiday!
Reviews will be coming up very soon aite?

But for today
We will be discussing a very important issue that we all face in our daily lives
Which is…


I think I can vouch for everyone out there that we have felt insecure about ourselves now and then
We feel that we are not good enough
Not as able enough
Not as good looking
Not as smart
Not as physically fit as others
Not as confident as others

Some take that insecurity and it becomes depression
Its really sad 


Let me tell you something very special about yourself
I’m not going to say something like
“You’re Beautiful”
“You’re worth it”
Just because it already been said more times than I could count and it has lost its effectiveness

What I am going to tell you is that..
You are better than that crap
You are YOU
There’s no one else like you out there
Stand tall and stand proud because the fact that you are reading this now at this point of time means that you are strong enough to live until now and you will continue to be stronger as time comes to pass

You are better than them
There’s no one else out there who can replace you
You hear that?

Throughout the expanding multiverse
There is only one you

Now doesn’t that make you feel absolutely special?
Well I do!

Think about the person who will have this damn special person as their loved one
Wouldn’t that be absolutely powderfully fantastically awesome?

So wipe away that sad face and look up to the sky smiling like an idiot because you so damn bloody special

And to those motherf*ckers out there who says that you are not 
Well you can tell them to go f*ck both their mom and their dad
They don’t have the right to tell you how much you are worth

The lesson of this post is to love yourself no matter what other people say
Get it?


That’s all for today
Reviews coming up real soon okay?

Evan Chang

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