Life, Life and Life Again: The Random Ramblings of Evan Chang

Hello lovely people!

I am sitting in a cafe facing my laptop having a writers block
Not because of I don’t know what to type
But I simply do not know where do I want my blog to go

I love beauty!
I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way
But lately I am seeing more and more bloggers becoming more…

Companies approach them to review products and they review them for a sum of money or free products
Granted that I have done that before but I am always honest and upfront about it
Plus I am a guy
So I don’t really fit their criteria
Am I right or am I right?

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New Years At Singapore

Hello people!
Yes I’m finally back and kicking into the new year with more blog postings and stuff
I think

Yes many of you have noticed that I have not been blogging much for the past year
This is simply because I went through a tumulous amount of stress and any good man/woman/animal would need to focus their energy somewhere else and become Voldemort and smite everyone single person who pissed you off with “AVADA KEDAVRA”

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Baked Chicken and Wild Rice Recipe!

Recipe (3)

Personally I would substitute the rice for quinoa because of the protein that it has but for those who don’t like quinoa you can use rice as the recipe shows


Postings will be coming up soon as I am currently testing products and my face is breaking out really badly

For more information about Gaviscon

You can go to their website which is:

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

I’m baaaaackk!!

I’m back!
Do you guys miss me?
OMG I’ve not been blogging for about two months now

*ahem ahem*

Bad Evan!

Let me update you guys on what happened

First was my exams which I finally finished
(Thank goodness)

Next is my trip to the land down under!
Australia for those who don’t know

I’ll be coming back with lots of posts soon ok!
Don’t miss me too much!

Love you guys!

Where have I been and what I’ve been up to?

Hello girls and guys!
I’m sure some of you are wondering what I have been up to and where have I’ve been

Well not to worry my dear people
I am still alive and still kicking!
Its just that I’ve been going through quite a stressful bout and have to focus my energy elsewhere

Don’t worry though
I have lotsa post coming up soon once I settle myself down
Till then..

Stay Fabulous!

My second session at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA

Well Howdy there people!
Let’s talk about my second session at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA shall we?
You all read the first session right?
If not, here is the link to it

Moving on
My second session took place a week after the first session
Which will be followed by one more session with them the week next

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My First Experience at Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II

Hello people!
I was approached by Klinik Mediviron Wisma UOA II for a treatment thanks to a fellow blogger
Thank you Isaac!

So I thought why not?
I never had any aesthetics treatment before, I can get to know how it feels like and I can tell you guys about it

I booked my appointment with them at 2pm and I reached there exactly at that time
Registering was easy
I just filled up a small form and waited for awhile

Waiting time was about an hour because it was in the afternoon
I even had time to take a selfie while waiting for the people to attend to me

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