Cafe Hoppings: Merce N Muse Book Cafe

Hello my lovely people
No makeup reviews today as I am currently in between jobs and have lots of stuff to do
But I did take some time to do some cafe hopping during my free time

Today I am introducing you…

Merce N Muse Book Cafe

It is directly opposite the Taylor’s SS15 campus
This is how the interior looks like

Another point of view for when you just walked in
The cafe is situated on the second floor
You can actually see the sign if your stand at Taylor’s main gate and look up

You order your drink here at the counter and then you sit down

This is the drinks menu for those who are interested in coming to try their drinks

As this is a book cafe
I am pleased to announce that they indeed do carry lots of books
Good for those who like to read and have coffee or tea at the same time

The cafe is decorated with lots of little accents that makes it quite cosy

It has that feel of old and new meshed together

I feel quite at home here actually

Good news for the smokers
They have a smoking area outside

The air conditioning isn’t too cold nor too hot
They music isn’t too loud
One thing about the music though
It is predominantly Chinese songs mixed with some English Pop and Kpop

But most importantly though
How is the quality of the drinks here
I ordered a Iced Americano because I am on a low sugar diet
It was just right for my taste

My friend ordered the Iced Latte
He said it was okay
Not too much coffee and not too much milk
Just the right balance

The cake however is a bit on the hard side
This is a mocha chiffon cake
According to them la


So how was my overall experience?

Setting: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Drinks and food: 5/10

Do come if you are interested
Of course my opinion is my own so your experience may be different from mine

I am not paid by the cafe to do this review

That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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