Burberry Brit Rhythm Review

Hello hello!
Let’s all take a great sniff from our surroundings before we start the review shall we?

*Takes a deep breath*

Today I will be reviewing a fragrance for you
This was given to me by SaSa for attending the event

Its the..

Burberry Brit Rhythm
(Newly launched by the way)

Burberry Brit Rhythm..
Gets you in the mood for music

Revealing the bottle taken out from its box

From Burberry’s website
It contains..

Top Notes
Basil verveina with cardamom and a shot of juniper berries

Heart Notes
Black leather, heady patchouli and styrax resin

Base Notes
Cedarwood with incense and sweet tonka bean

Just looking at the ingredients I already feel a bit turned on
“Black leather”
Fetish much?

This is how the bottle looks like
I love how the bottle looks and feels
It is made of glass and has a pattern to it that makes you wanna touch it over and over again
Just like bubble wrap

The spray nozzle
It dispenses the fragrance quite strongly unlike other nozzles but not till its too violent

My take on the scent?

To me it smells woody but fresh with a bit of sexiness in it
It reminds me of fresh leather seats on a new car
So it does coincide with the ingredients used

So do I like it?

I already feel like having this as my staple fragrance

I feel so excited after smelling this

It even makes me feel kinda sexy

Even he likes it

So of course I do like it

It lasts the whole day on me which is a plus plus PLUS!!

Additional Notesย 

A lot of my friends told me I smelled awesome with this and asked me what is it
So that would already be a sign that it is indeed a really good fragrance!
This includes both men and women
It appeals to both sexes!

Just buy it dammit! You need this fragrance!

That’s all for today

Evan Chang


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