Brush review: Ecotools Bamboo Buffing Brush

*Flips hair and catwalks*


Ok I digress
Today I will be talking about this

The Ecotool Bamboo Buffing Brush

I got this at Shins for RM 45

Its vegan friendly and made from recycled material
You couldn’t get more earth-friendly than that

Looks like something familiar right?
It’s made from bamboo into synthetic bristles

Very lightweight
Doesn’t have much of a weight to it

Close up on the bristles
Very soft and firm to the touch
But still has some flex to it

I use this mainly for powder foundation
I don’t like it for liquid or cream foundation because its less stiff compared to the Sigma F80

Size comparison with the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80
Same height but different weight
The bristles on the Sigma is more firm compared to the Ecotools one

A good brush for those who are on a budget but not the best brush for liquid or cream foundation even though its synthetic hair


That’s all for today

Evan Chang

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